Lions Fans 7, Nickelback 0

Detroit Lions logo

Image via Wikipedia

I love football, even though my home team is the Detroit Lions. This year they are surpassing our expectations, which is a nice turn of events compared to previous seasons. Of course, that brings the hordes of fair-weather friends.

I knew we would get some national media attention with such a dramatic turn around, but I never imagined that TIME magazine would feature the Lions in an article. Was it for their new found prowess? Not exactly. Detroit Football Fans Petition to Replace Nickelback for Halftime Show. Right now, Nickleback is stealing the spotlight, by being terrible. Let’s get back to the sport folks, you can suffer through 15 minutes of Nickelback to have seats at the hottest Division game of the season.

Now that we’re past the bye week, I’m looking forward to more games. The annual Thanksgiving game is always highly anticipated. I’ll be watching it while having dinner with my extended family and, while in the company of my grandparents, censoring the expletives I would normally hurl at the TV. Good luck to the boys in Honolulu Blue and Silver.


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