Catching Up

Definition of NEGLECT via Merriam Webster

transitive verb

1: to give little attention or respect to

2: to leave undone or unattended to especially through carelessness

There really is no excuse.  I’ve been moderately busy but it has been work, gaming and reading.  I feel like I’m cheating if I don’t create a 1000+ word blog post so I don’t publish nearly often enough.  Then I read my favorite blogs and realize there doesn’t have to be a word count to be successful.  So I will aim to post more often, even if they aren’t the longest posts ever.

So speaking of what I have been doing lately.  My husband and I have been playing some Star Wars: The Old Republic.  He has been playing it more and really enjoying it, while I’m finding some of the mechanics so annoying that I’d rather spend time reading, listening to a podcast, cooking… pretty much anything but that. 

The companion mechanic is interesting, but annoying.  I don’t find it compelling to try and outfit them.  The only relationship that I want to build to romance status isn’t allowed because it would be a lesbian relationship. I find the crafting skills clunky and big credit sinks.  I expect blue or purple recipes to give me more than one point of skill up since it takes much longer and many more materials to craft them.  Because it doesn’t, I just make one for me, and ignore the rest and use greens to skill up.

The grouping system is awkward to say the least.  They desperately need an LFG style system, or some way to easily find people for quests.  The multitude of descriptors are also ridiculous.  There’s Heroic 2, Heroic 4, Heroic 2+ and several others.  The only reason to complete them are the rewards because you don’t need them to level high enough for the next zone, especially if you are doing the space mission quests which give a very nice chunk of xp and credits.

I also sincerely dislike the advanced class/skill point system.  The trees are bloated and poorly built and there is no way to try different advanced classes without leveling a whole new character.  Some of the story lines are great, but they are hard to enjoy if you want to level with any kind of speed.  So I’m a little disillusioned right now and don’t feel any compulsion to continue playing.

I’ve been reading a mix of fantasy and mystery novels.  Some that were purchases from holiday gift cards, while others are loaned from the library.  I’ve been enjoying The Sword and Laser podcast to build my to-read/ must-read lists on Goodreads.

I’ve also been continuing the job search.  Recently my supervisor has announced she will resign at the end of the semester, and I really do not want to go through the mess of another change in leadership.  I’m applying to anything for which I could remotely be qualified within 50 miles of home.  I’m going to be attending some of the big job fairs and reaching out to contacts I have made in the community to find something new that doesn’t occupy so much of my time.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I can find alternate employment soon so we can spend more time enjoying the fruits of our labor.

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