Killer sitting!

English: Untidy Desk

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I often wish my job didn’t stick me behind my desk so much as it does.  I also find that my favorite hobbies also mostly keep me sitting either with a book in hand (or Kindle as the case may be) or in front of a computer. One of the things I miss about working in a warehouse or at the hospital is the constant motion.

As recent research announces a greater correlation between sitting and poor health/early death, I am seeing more and more options lately for products that help those of us stuck at our desk become more active.  The FitDesk was recently featured in my Twitter feed.

I’ve often been tempted to get one of the exercise ball chairs for work as my back complains about poor ergonomics and posture.  There are also treadmill desks, which may or may not work so well depending mostly on how you are using the computer.  If you are like me and touch type, I can’t imagine trying to walk and type at the same time.  I can barely chew gum and walk at the same time.

Have you seen any unique ways to work a desk while working out?


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