Mesmerized by Shoes

I don’t know why, but lately I have been obsessed with shoes.  I had my first foray into really, really nice shoes a couple of weeks ago and now I think I’m hooked.  I picked up a pair of Sanita clogs (in bordeaux) and have really liked wearing them.  They are comfortable without being tennis shoes, and I don’t notice as much back pain if I’m standing in them for a long period of time.

I found a wonderful website all about comfortable shoes for those of us with various foot problems, Barking Dog Shoes.  Now I can’t stop browsing.  I thought the Sanita’s were expensive until I found the Wolky (they bring the funk), Earthies (you want how much for sandals?!), and Fluevog (so retro, so yum).  But oh, how lovely they are!

The more I learn about these shoes the more I want to save my pennies.  Then I realize my clothes are not up to the awesomeness of the shoes, woe is me!  So last night I told my husband, when I finish with school and we have some money available I need a wardrobe budget to start building a personal style.  Meanwhile I’ll keep checking E-bay for steals.



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