“Welcome Back…

…your dreams were your ticket out.”  If you recognize that tune, you might be showing your age.  I am embarrassed that I haven’t posted in so long.  I was in that downward spiral of, “I should post, but it’s been so long, and no one reads anyway, but I should post…”  Yeah, that one.  So I’m diving back in.

Speaking of tickets out, I resigned from my job at the College and had my last day on campus last week.  Now I’m prepping for my new voyage as a full-time student at University of Michigan School of Information for the next two years.  I can’t wait to get started with classes!  I’m so excited to start my journey to completing the Library and Information Science (LIS) specialty with a hefty dose of User Experience (UX) Design and a bit of Records Management on the side.  I think those courses will nicely round out my skill set.

For now, I’m believe I’ll end up in cataloging/metadata/collection development, but I definitely want a lot of face time with patrons too.  Whether that be in an academic library (note, not K-12 school libraries, but collegiate academic libraries) or a private library, I’m not sure yet.  I really loved working at MCCC, so my dream would be to stay at that level.  At the smaller Colleges, personal initiative can make an impact rather quickly compared to the larger universities, in my opinion.  I’m leaving my options open though while trying out various niches in the field.

I’m hoping to be working in one of the libraries during my tenure as a student, and have an interview to discuss it coming up in 10 days.  I will definitely need the experience under my belt to improve my marketability following graduation.

Other than that, I’ve been reading my brains out, trying to get my fluff books read before classes start again.  I love, love, love being able to borrow ebooks from the Monroe County Library System.  It has turned what could have been an expensive habit into pure joy 😀  I’m trying to track all of them on Goodreads if you’re interested in what specifically I’ve been burying my nose (hint: high fantasy, urban fantasy, and mystery mostly).

So readers, how have you been spending your summer?  Do you have any big life changes heading your way?



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