Re-blog: Hashtags of the week (HOTW): Physicians and Mobile Health (Week of February 18, 2013)

I originally wrote and posted this at the Taubman Health Sciences Library News Blog.

After reading the full article that inspired a post on the THL blog earlier this week, I went to Twitter to see what people were saying about technology and healthcare. To start my exploration, I clicked on the number next to the tweet icon for the article Screen Shot 2013-02-20 at 5.08.40 PM. This took me to the top tweets that referenced this article in Twitter. From there I was able to browse hashtags featuring the article.

By far, the most frequently used hashtag was #mHealth. This hashtag focuses on mobile health as it relates to healthcare professionals, tech professionals, mobile applications, and patient engagement.

Another hashtag that was sprinkled into the #mhealth stream was #medsm. This hashtag focuses on medicine in social media and while it is not used a ton, sometimes that is a good thing. Hashtags like #science and #tech are so broad that it is harder to find the diamonds in the rough. This stream though has multiple postings per day and many of them are very high quality. These posts also often tend to be tagged with #hcsm, so it may be that they are trying to gain some traction for a spinoff hashtag. Below are some of the best posts I found while combing through the stream.


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