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I just wanted to give you all a heads up that I have been doing more blogging for work over at This blog was started as a spinoff of the Teaching and Technology Collaborative held annually at the University of Michigan. The site’s originator, Patricia F. Anderson, is one of my co-workers and I have the privilege of working on some projects with her this semester. I’ve got a few posts up over there. I’m particularly excited about the posts for Vine, Hack Design and Learnist. All three are great resources for librarians (and librarians-to-be). So amble on over and check out all of the great offerings!

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Screen Capture of Astrid

In their words:
“Astrid’s goal is to leverage technology to help over 1 billion people be happier, healthier and more productive. We hope Astrid will be helpful to you, and we welcome your feedback on how to make Astrid better!”

I know what you’re thinking, “Not another list and task app!” Believe me, there is a good reason to want to try Astrid. Besides the fact that it allows free syncing across multiple devices (computer, tablet, smartphone), it also integrates with Gmail, Google Calendar, and has its own Chrome extension.

This integration means you can turn e-mails into tasks that can be accessed from any of your devices. Last July, the app was voted one of the 5 best to-do list managers by LifeHacker:

On top of being totally free, Astrid has an easy to use interface with one-button sharing. You can start adding tasks immediately without having to worry about a complicated set-up or installation process. On top of all of that, there is a great blog that gives tips and tricks for using the different versions of Astrid. My favorite tab on the blog is the one called “Wisdom.” It gives ideas for how to use a task manager as well as innovative ways to integrate features into your daily routines.

Other features include one-button sharing for e-mail as well as social media, alerts and reminders, and the ability to add descriptions, comments and pictures. Astrid also has a vibrant community that includes a presence on Facebook, Twitter, and their own forums.

Facebook: Astrid:

Twitter: Astrid:

Astrid support forums:

It also has the ability to assign tasks to certain people so it could be used for project management or event planning. If you already use Toodledo or Remember the Milk and are worried about switching all of those tasks from one app to another, fear not, Astrid has an import function for those two apps so you can migrate without losing any data.

This is a guest post by Chris Bulin (@Arduanne) a graduate student assistant at the Taubman Health Sciences Library.